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MAX Factor is one of the oldest cosmetics companies currently on the modern market. It was founded in 1909 by Maximilian Faktorowicz, who then changed his name to Max Factor. He was a businessman and a cosmetician for the Russian Royal Ballet, and he used his talent to build up one of the most famous cosmetics companies of all time. Now, MAX Factor is a subsidiary of Procter and Gamble. Even though the prices of MAX Factor products have since come down significantly, the quality remains unchanged, which makes MAX Factor makeup one of the best affordable cosmetics options today.

MAX Factor Makeup for Movie Stars

Known as the "movie makeup" product line for its history as the top makeup company in Hollywood, MAX Factor now specializes in cosmetics for the lips, eyes and face. Some of their top products include:

  • MAX Factor lipstick. The company specializes in long-day and nightwear products – after all, who wants to keep reapplying their lipstick? MAX Factor's lip products come in gloss, long-wear color and regular lipstick. In addition, MAX Factor sells lip tools to recondition and beautify your lips, and make you look like you could be in movies. After all, it's said that the right lipstick produces the same visual effect as some teeth whitening products.
  • MAX Factor eyewear. For years, MAX Factor mascara, eyeshadow and eye liner have been found in drugstores all over the country and makeup counters all over the world. Known for its "stand-out" quality, you can find all colors and shades of eyewear in MAX Factor's product line. Another great thing about it? It's affordable for any woman.
  • MAX Factor skin cosmetics. No woman's makeup regimen is complete without a great foundation, and MAX Factor works to ensure that women's faces get nourished as well as beautified. Their collections include skin cosmetics as well as eyewear and lipwear, to make it easy to shop for makeup even if it's your first time.

Availability of MAX Factor Cosmetics

It should be noted that as of 2010, MAX Factor cosmetics will no longer be sold in U.S. stores. Instead, Procter and Gamble will be focusing on their CoverGirl cosmetics line. However, you can still find MAX Factor products in other countries and through makeup artists.

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