Discover the many kinds of Shiseido cosmetics

If you're looking for a makeup company with a long history of commitment to quality, look no further than Shiseido cosmetics. Founded in 1872 in Tokyo, Japan, Shiseido is the oldest existing makeup company in the world. Shiseido products can be found in most major department stores and pharmacies throughout Asia, Europe and North America. They are committed to bringing the best products they can to their customers and ensuring that everyone's needs are met.

Shiseido Skincare

Shiseido was the first company to offer skin powder to Japanese women that more closely matched their skin tones – before that, all Japanese face powder was white. Now, the Shiseido skin care line includes skin care products not just for women but for men and young people, too. Some of their highlighted products include:

  • Pureness. The Pureness skin care line is for those with oily skin. The line features a full regimen of skin care products, including a scrub and moisturizer. If you are looking for great skin care for oily skin, Pureness cleanser is a good choice.
  • Bio-Performance. This line offers products to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The eye cream is very popular and is sold all over the world. As well, the company has launched a number of anti-aging creams. Although of course no cream can completely reverse the effects of aging on the skin, Shiseido does their best to offer nutrients and moisturizers in all of their anti-aging products.

Shiseido Foundation and Other Cosmetics

Shiseido makeup is known primarily by two product lines: Maquillage and The Makeup. Customers looking for high-quality cosmetics can find Shiseido foundation, eyewear and lipwear all over the world. However, different product lines are found in different places. Check your local cosmetics store to see what Shiseido products are available to you.

Unlike some other major cosmetics companies, Shiseido has chosen to focus on men as well as women, and to provide a line of skin care products tailored to men's skin. They have also released fragrances under different designers, such as Jean-Paul Gautier.

If you are looking for a cosmetics company that has done its best to provide great products to men and women everywhere, Shiseido cosmetics may be a great choice for you.

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