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If you've got low-maintenance hair, you may think that all hair shampoo is created equal. A good shampoo for normal hair is pretty easy to find, but for those who have hair that requires effort to manage, the right choice in shampoo can mean the difference between a great hair day and running errands in a ball cap.

Types of Hair Shampoo

While some shampoos (think most hair loss shampoos and salon brands that promise miraculous hair transformation) don't live up to the hype, there are many good shampoos on the market that can help with difficult hair. Your choice of shampoo will usually be determined by the type of hair you have:

  • Dry hair. For dry hair, you need to coat your hair in moisture, so look for a thick, creamy shampoo and conditioner. They will help smooth out the dryness in your hair and will help keep it tangle- and static-free.
  • Oily hair. With oily hair, it's best to stay away from creamy shampoos and opt for clear gels, which are typically lighter and cleaner on the hair. You'll want one that's gentle enough to use every day, since oily hair appears dirty faster. You may also want to skip conditioner, as this could add more oil to your hair.
  • Colored hair. If you use hair coloring, the right shampoo can help you preserve your color and keep your hair looking healthy. Color protection shampoos are gentler on your color and on your hair overall, since hair is more fragile after a color treatment. If you don't want to splurge on fancy color protection shampoo, baby shampoo may work just as well.
  • Damaged hair. Hair repair shampoo is critical for anyone who has damaged their hair with frequent color treatments or overuse of a curling iron or flat iron. Over-processed hair is often oily at the roots and dry on the ends, so focus your attention on cleaning the scalp when shampooing. Be sure to follow up with a moisture-rich conditioner.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a relatively new product, and is one that many of us have yet to add to our hair care routine. Used to extend the time needed between hair washings, it can be a lifesaver during hot and sticky summer months or for anyone with excessively oily hair.

Dry shampoos come in powder form and are sprayed onto the hair to help absorb excess oil. Typically, they're only good for the day after wash, as applying the powder more than once can get messy and will do nothing for the appearance of your hair. If you've never tried a dry shampoo, be sure to do a practice application on a day when you have no plans, as the spray technique can be a little tricky the first time.

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