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Finding the perfect haircut can be a challenge for both men and women. While sporting the latest looks of the moment can be fun, some looks never go out of style. Take a look at these time-tested trends.

Haircuts for Women

Women have many options when it comes to styling their hair – short or long is just the starting point. While trends come and go in women's hairstyles, these three classic looks have endured (though often with a modern twist):

  • The bob. Ranging from chin-length to shoulder-length, there's plenty of versatility with this look. Conventionally, the ends are curled under, but curling them out is a fun twist.
  • The pixie. A pixie cut is a great look for women who are bold enough to wear their hair really short. Options for this close-cut style with longer bangs include smooth and sleek or spiky.
  • Layers. Face-framing layers are always attractive, whether they're part of a long hair style or a short one. Layers make hair easy to manage with little to no styling, but women can also use a flat iron for a sleek look or curling iron for more volume.

On a price scale, women's haircut prices tend to increase depending on the complexity of the style, but a good hair cut is always worth the cost.

Haircuts for Men

Men are slightly more limited in their hairstyles, which means haircuts for men are often simple and cheap. However, men still have options when it comes to getting a good style. Popular men's haircuts include:

  • The buzz cut. The buzz haircut never seems to go out of style for men. Most commonly worn by men in the military, this short, shaved style can give any man a rugged look.
  • The faux-hawk. Faux-hawks are a playful choice. Much more subtle than a true mohawk, this look typically features short hair at the sides and back with a slightly longer, spiked strip on top.
  • The bowl cut. The Beatles look has become a hot trend for younger men, though the shaggy look can be difficult to pull off in the working world. It's often modified with shorter bangs for a more modern style.

Aside from knowing the name of the cut they're interested in, it's also helpful for men to tell their hair stylist the clipper number they typically use.

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